Project Management Archive

This page has been set up specifically as a reference point for the project team, partners and funders to access reports and planning documents as the Wales for Peace project progresses; and to quickly link to key partner portals / accounts. Most documents are held on Office 365 Sharepoint under 'open access' - if you cannot open a link, please email 

Programme Overview and Outputs

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Mid-Term External Evaluation

Project Activity Reports, 2015 to date 

Autumn 2017 (Oct-Dec) HLF Progress Report (Completion of BoR; Cmarthen & Firing Line B&A)

Summer 2017 (Jul-Sep) HLF Progress Report - or Word version (Women War & Peace & Cardiff Poppies, National Eisteddfod)

Spring 2017 (Apr-Jun) HLF Progress Report (Lampeter, Urdd Eisteddfod Bridgend, Ynys Mon)

Autumn 2016-Winter 2017 (Oct-Mar) HLF Progress Report (Gwynedd & Pembrokeshire programme foci)

Autumn 2016 - see above. (Due to busyness of Caernarfon poppies programme and loss of PM to cancer, 2 reports were rolled into 1). 

Summer 2016 HLF Progress Report (Cardiff programme focus)

Spring 2016 HLF Progress Report (NE Wales Project Focus)

Winter 2016 HLF Progress Report (Ceredigion focus)

Autumn 2015 HLF Progress Report (Remembering for Peace programme focus)

Summer 2015 HLF Progress Report (Planning and initial activity focus)

HLF Project Activity Plan, 2014-18 

HLF approved WCIA Activity Plan - delivery phase 

HLF Terms of Grant and Grant Confirmation Letter, Sept 2014

Project Plan Summary table (originally drafted as Gantt Chart, but this was discontinued due to lack of appetite / perceived need from partners) 

Development Phase - project presentation 

Overall Project Planning References

2018 Programme Delivery Objectives

Hidden Histories Mapping Dec 2018

2017 visual activities overview

Autumn 2016 Gwynedd Programme 'What did we do' visual review

2016 visual activities overview

2016 programming grid (replaced March 2016 by visual overview)  

Jan 2016 Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

Specific Project Planning References

Poppies: Women, War and Peace - Project Outline, Summer 2017

'Women in Peace' 1920s Volunteer Research, Autumn 2016 

Sept 2017 Schools Conference

Caernarfon Cadw / 14-18NOW Poppies Programme Plan, June 2016

Hidden Histories Log, Sept 2016 collated 

Temple of Peace Garden - Monuments and Plaques,Summer 2016

'Sharing Hidden Histories' Volunteer and Staff guide, April 2016

Pearce Register Proposal, Feb 2016

Belief and Action Exhibition / Programme Proposal, Jan 2016

Record-keeping Portals

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HLF Reporting Portal

Clearbooks Accounting Portal

Wales for Peace Blog

People's Colllection Wales Portal - digitised heritage documents

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Flickr photos portal

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