Programme Overview and Targets

WCIA has been funded by HLF to deliver the following outputs and outcomes between 2014 and 2019, working with our project and community partners. This forms a 'programme' of 37 individual projects, each of substantial scale and scope, and with broad stakeholders.

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Link to Mid-term External Evaluation Review, Spring 2017 by Cardiff University / Voices of War & Peace

HLF Programme Plan - Heritage Outputs of Sub-Projects

Image Project No. Activity / Milestone Links to Outputs Working with Partners

HH - BoR Menai finds relative.jpg 1

Digitise & Transcribe WW1 Book of Remembrance

Work with National Museum of Wales to make WW2 BoR accessible.

Remembering for Peace pages

Digitised Book on PCW

Transcription of BoR

Searchable Database TBC

National Library for Wales

National Museum of Wales

Soldiers Hidden Histories Page Narrow Block.png 2 Research & share Soldiers Stories from WW1

Remembering for Peace pages

Soldiers Stories on Wales at War

Community organisations  through exhbition tour (below)

Community Contributors and Placement Volunteers

Book of remembrance-book and pics.jpg 3 Produce & tour RfP Exhibition & workshops

Remembering for Peace heritage overview and links to digitised resources

Exhibition Page

Local Exhibition Venues
Montage Wales for Peace Activities Spring 2016.jpg 4 Build project website Home page

Web Developers - Gloversure

Data Monitoring Systems - Salesforce / Forcatious

Temple of Peace.JPG 5 Catalogue, digitise & share ToP / DDMI materials

Temple of Peace heritage overview and links to digitised resources

Belief and Action heritage page and links to digitised resources including Pearce Register of Welsh Conscientious Objectors.

WCIA & Temple of Peace Partners

VCS Chronicle Project Placements

Cardiff University Collections

Pearce Register - Cyril Pearce

Urdd_Messages_Montage.jpg 6 Catalogue, digitise & share P&G Message Peace & Goodwill Message heritage overview and linsk to digitised resources

Urdd Gobaith Cymru

Women's Petition Title.jpg 7 Pilot 10 Hidden Histories Hidden Histories Blog

Volunteers and Community Groups / Contributors

Student Research Placements

Urdd - Jane interview.jpg 9 Develop Oral history training & guidance Training page Peoples Collection Wales
Publications - Digital Act of Remembrance Flyer jpeg.jpg 10 Produce Hidden Histories guidance + PCW links, and Peace Heritage Training framework

Training page

Hidden Histories Guidance

Hidden Histories pages TBC

WCIA Training/ Education Services

Peoples Collection Wales

Mencap 'Hidden Now Heard'

VCS Straeon / Stories Project

HH-Penygroes Karen Owen.jpg
8 Pilot 2 intergenerational community projects

Caernarfon Peace Trail

'Growing Peace Stories' Project, Riverside, Cardiff

Greenham Common Schools Project

Gwynedd Museums, Peace Heritage Group, Caernarfon Schools

UNA Exchange, Riverside Community Centre, Women Connect First

St Fagans Museum, Cardiff Schools

PeaceHeritageTrainingPilotChapterStoryboard.jpg 11 Deliver Peace Heritage Training

Training page

Hidden Histories Guidance

Hidden Histories pages TBC

WCIA Training/ Education Services

Peoples Collection Wales

Students thinking.jpg 12 Support local champions & digital heritage stations

Communities Portal

Volunteering Portal

Community Partners

Peoples Collection Wales

Caernarfon Castle from Seiont.jpg 13 Support community groups Communities Portal Community Partners
HH Bodelwyddan lecture - VIV.jpg 17 Deliver WfP public lectures across Wales

Events Calendar

News Archive

Community Partners

Exhibition Venues

Public Events - Eisteddfod & Urdd

Communities resources - Pilgrim of Peace Poster A3 Cymraeg copy.jpg 14 Archive collections

Peoples Collection Wales

National Library of Wales

Peoples Collection Wales

Cardiff University Collections


National Museums of Wales

Marble Hall.JPG 15 Facilitate undergrad student research & placements  Study & Research pages

Cardiff University

Aberystwyth University

Bangor University

Swansea University

Trinity St Davids University

University of South Wales

Aberystwyth_University_Panorama.jpg 16 Deliver DDMI Lectures + Davies Papers articles

Belgian Refugees Lecture

Conscientious Objectors Lecture

Aberystwyth University

DDMI / Dept of International Politics

Peace Poppy message from Argentina.jpg 35 Gather & disseminate current public views on peace

Youtube Interview Clips

HLF Evaluation Reports

Society Portal

Student Research Placements

University Projects (above)

Wales Peace Institute Initiative

RememberingforPeace.jpg 18 Education steering group
Learning - Teach Peace Banksy.jpg 19 Pilot curriculum resources on peace heritage

Schools Portal

Learning Resources page

Welsh Government Hwb

UK Peace Education Network

Peace Schools Network Partners

BoR&Peace Llangefni Guides (20).jpg 20 Pilot 'What they would have Tweeted' and develop toolkit TBC

Coleg Harlech

Narberth Museum

hidden histories - belgian pier.jpg 21 Digital storytelling & Welsh Baccalaureate projects School Projects page

Cardiff University

14-18NOW / Paradign Arts


Refugees - Schools Conference artwork.jpg 22 Arts based approaches projects Arts Projects

Valley & Vale Community Arts

Literature Wales


peacetrail.png 23 Peace Schools Scheme Peace Schools Page

Peace Schools Network

Education Steering Group

Block skills.jpg 24 Teachers CPD Learning Events & Workshops

WCIA Education Services


Peace Education Network

Cymdeithas y Cymod

wfpteachpeace.png 25 School Assemblies Learning Resources page

Peace Education Network

Cymdeithas y Cymod

Learning Volunteers

Comms with purpose.jpg 26 Education workshops / resources for local delivery Learning Resources page

WCIA Education Services

Peace Schools Network

Learning Volunteers


world debates group-block-pic.jpg 27 WW1 conferences for schools and students

Learning Events & Workshops

Host Venues

Contributors and Participants

Afghan_Peace_Campaigner_NATO.jpg 28 Peace Heroes competition Peace Heroes page Peace Schools Network
Wales for Peace Team with 'Mistar Urdd' in Pabell Croeso.jpg 29 Urdd Eisteddfod activities Peace & Goodwill Message Heritage Page

Urdd Gobaith Cymru & Humanitarian Committee

Bwrdd Syr IfanC

Urdd County Hosts / Aelwyds

UNA Peace garden mosaics volunteers website 2 30 International volunteering exchange projects Peace Garden projects

UNA Exchange

Peace Poppy message from Argentina.jpg 35 Gather & disseminate current youth views on peace

Youtube Interview Clips

HLF Evaluation Reports

Society Portal

Student Research Placements

University Projects (above)

Wales Peace Institute Initiative

PeaceHeritageTrainingPilotChapterStoryboard.jpg 31 Peace Garden histories, interpretation & new mosaic

Temple of Peace Heritage Page

Peace Garden projects

ToP Partners

Placement Volunteers

UNA Exchange

exhibition.png 32 Wales for Peace Exhbition / components

Remembering for Peace (above)

Belief and Action Exhibition

League of Nations Exhibition

Urdd Exhibition

Women, War & Peace Exhibition

See (3) above

Quakers, Cymru'n Cofio, Pontypridd United Reformed Church

Aberystwyth University, DDMI

Urdd Gobaith Cymru, Oriel Pendeitch

Lee Karen Stow, National Assembly for Wales

volunteer narrow.png 33 Community customisation for touring exhibition 2018-19

Community Partners

Host Venues

Marble Hall.JPG 34 Train local staff / vols to deliver exhib & workshops 2018-19

Community Partners

Host Venues

Welsh_National_Assembly_Senedd.jpg 36 Final project celebration 2018-19 WCIA and Project Partners
Peace Mural, Laura Sorvala.jpg 37 Legacy resource 2018-19 WCIA and Project Partners

HLF Targets Dashboard - Progress at March 2017

Taken from WCIA Report to Heritage Lottery Fund, Spring 2017.

Towards Outcomes - Attitudes & Beliefs Change

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