Campaigns across Wales: introduction

This page links to campaigns about international and global issues run by organisations with a presence in Wales. We've divided them into themes so you can find your way around.

These are a selection from across Wales representing several different view points. They do not represent or reflect the views of the WCIA.

We'd like to have a range of campaigns on this page so our supporters can easily get involved in the issues that matter to them. Please get in touch about any campaigns in your area so we can add them to the page.

The Hub Cymru Africa has a page about international development campaigns.


Climate Change

Interested in campaigns about climate change, the environment and wildlife?

Click here. 


Human rights

Visit this section for campaigns relating to human rights, including peace, gender equality, sanctuary and responsibility to protect.

Country specific campaigns

The markers on our map pinpoint campaigns run in various countries, by organisations based in Wales. Click on a marker to find out more, and to get contact details. 

International Campaigns

Looking for campaigns concerned with matters such as devolution and the relationship with Europe?

United Commonwealth Society

"The United Commonwealth Society is a cross-party organization dedicated to encouraging closer diplomatic, economic, and cultural ties between the member states of the Commonwealth of Nations. In particular, the UCS advocates closer economic and political links between the Commonwealth Realms, the sixteen nations that have Queen Elizabeth II as Head of State."

Royal Commonwealth Society

“Founded in 1868, the Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) is an international Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) working to promote an understanding of the nature and working of the Commonwealth, and of the factors which shape the lives of its peoples and the policies of its governments. It aims to bring alive the fundamental principles of the modern Commonwealth – tolerance, diversity, freedom, justice, democracy, human rights and sustainable development – to a generation living in an increasingly interconnected world.”

British Influence

British Influence is the umbrella campaign to keep Britain in Europe and to push for British reform of the EU. Based in London, with branches across the UK, we are a cross-party organisation who believes that Britain is better off in a better Europe.”

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