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There have been a number of reports produced in recent years that give a good insight into the condition of gender equality in Wales.

One organisation working on the issue of gender equality in The Electoral Reform Society which is an independent campaigning organsiation working to champion the rights of voters in the UK and working to building a better democracy.

The Electoral Reform Society publications list can be found here which is where the original link for the 2011 report on 'Women's Representation in Scotland and Wales' can be found.To download the report

In may 2013 The Electoral Reform Society also produced the 'Welsh Power Report: Women in Public Life' which lists up to date statistics on female representation within Wales. This report can also be found on the Electoral Reform Society's website as linked above, and can be downloaded here


The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is a Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB), established under the Equality Act 2006 as a corporate body. Their sponsor department is the Government Equalities Office (GEO). They enjoy a statutory remit to promote, protect and enforce human rights as well as challenging discrimination.The EHCR has a great list of publications related to equality issues, the library can be found here.

The 2012 EHRC report entitled 'Who Runs Wales?' gives up to date information regarding female and male employment in different sectors and is a useful comparative resource. This report can be downloaded here.

UNA Wales: Gender equality reading list

UNA Wales believes that to quash the systemic gender inequalities present in our society, it is important to challenge old fashioned notions of gender, and, from an early age, allow children to explore what it means to be a boy, or a girl in modern Britain. In short, we can be whoever we want to be! Boys can be florists, and girls can be footballers! 

UNA Wales has prepared a list of books, relevant to age, which we believe will place gender equality at the forefront of classroom activity.

It is proposed that the week commencing the 19 November, until Friday 23 November, should be utilised as a week celebrating gender equality. This week has been chosen, as it falls around the 20 November: Universal Children’s Day, and the 25 November: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

There is a great need to push for gender equality in all aspects of life, and by giving Wales’ children an education not tainted by gender stereotypes, together we can stamp out gender discrimination in schools for good.

Download the UNA Wales gender equality reading list (PDF)

UNA Wales Gender Equality: Helpful links

WEN Wales


IWA Women

UN Women



Welsh Assembly Government

Women's Resource Network
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