Petitioning for the establishment of a Welsh Minister for Gender Equality

As one part of our campaign on gender equality UNA Wales is pushing for the Welsh Assembly Government to create a new cabinet position:

 a Welsh Minister for Gender Equality In order to better address this important issue. 

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Championing CEDAW

Championing the UN Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) here in Wales.

UNA Wales is keen for the Welsh Assembly Government to accede to the convention. Therefore allowing for a detailed periodic report regarding the status of women in Wales. Currently Wales receives just a page or two in the UK report. 

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Working towards gender equality in education

Ensuring that gender equality is of the utmost import in education. UNA Wales desires to end the gendered nature of education, and to move away from the archaic notions of girls, and boys subjects.

UNA Wales is researching the state of gender inequality in schools across Wales, and has also prepared a KS4 lesson plan, entitled ‘Beyond pink and blue: A lesson plan examining how gender stereotyping affects relationships’. Download this free resource below.

>> Beyond Pink and Blue: Lesson Plan PDF
>> Beyond Pink and Blue: Powerpoint


Free online E-module: Working towards Gender Equality

UNA Wales has also developed an E-module entitled 'Working Towards Gender Equality'.

This educative device is aimed at everyone hoping to engage with the topic in an interactive way, using informative data. 

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Gender equality reading list and links

UNA Wales has prepared a reading list relevant to age for classroom activity & helpful links

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