Raise awareness of R2P

UNA Wales
has designed a leaflet, which will provide those who had never heard of the principle, or those who know a fair amount already, understand how R2P is something which all of us in Wales can play a part in.

Download the leaflet (PDF)

R2P Lesson Plan

UNA Wales has designed lesson plan, aimed at 14 - 18 year olds, dealing with the concept of R2P, and the importance of understanding how this is relevant in the modern world. 

Our 'Responsibility to Protect' Teaching Aids © have been sent out to hundreds of schools around Wales.

Download the lesson plans

R2P: Helpful Links

Please see below for a list of helpful links for anyone interested in the concept of R2P.

International Coalition for the Responsibility to Protect

UNA UK: R2P in detail

Global Centre for the Responsibility to Protect

United Nations and R2P


R2P and the 2005 World Summit
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