Citizen Rights Project

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At the end of last year we delivered Wales’ part of an exciting European-wide pilot project, Citizen Rights, to find new ways to work together for citizenship and human rights.

5 schools from across Wales received fully funded in-depth workshops for learners on rights protection in Europe, and learners shared their ideas and worked with project participants in the 10 other countries taking part in the project whilst developing critical thinking, teamwork and creativity skills.

Learners learned about European Citizenship and real life case studies before focusing on taking action on a choice of topics; Migration, LGBTQI rights, Digital privacy, Roma rights, Labour and social rights. They shared what they had learned via the project’s online portal with the other participating learners in a creative way – by video, comic, podcast, article or any other method.

Read more about the LGBTQI rights video created by Pontypridd students here.

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Free Resources

The eBook represents part of the research generated by this project into the role of the EU in protecting citizen rights. It is useful in delivering parts of the Welsh Baccalaureate Global Citizenship Challenge.

The Citizen Rights toolkit shows how to integrate the topic into classes in detail.

The materials are most suited to 14-18 year olds. More free resources here

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Welsh Baccalaureate support

We have developed exicting projects and seminars to help you delivering the Welsh Baccalaureate Global Cititzenhip Challenge:

  • Restructured Model United Nations
  • ChangeMarkers
  • Citizen Right Project
  • Teacher training sessions

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Human Rights


The WCIA wants to get people thinking, talking, and taking action on important global issues. One of our values is the protection of human rights, so we are running events and getting involved in campaigns to celebrate human rights.

Visit our campaigning page for more information.

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